Mar 12, 2010

Park Eksarcia in Athens
"Lets Take our Life Back in Our Hands"
One of the most visionary manifestations of self-organization of the social movement that appeared through the insurrection in December in Greece.

In march 2009 an abandoned parking area in Exarchia just 50 metres from the spot where Alexis Grigoropoulos was killed by police, was occupied.. Through the self-organization and the energy of more than 1000 people that gathered there in the first morning of the squatting, we were able tp turn this place into a park in less than 12 hours. We removed the cement and planted trees and flowers .
We couldn't believe how fast and how beautiful it is. And everybody helped this dream to happen .

The area was used for many years as parking lot and for 15 years the Athens Municipality failed to turn it into a park as it was the original city-plan.And suddenly all the people of the city could enjoy a new self-organized park, an area that offers to the center of the city an area of freedom that children can play, old people can have some hours of calm and friendly feelings, all people can speak, share their dreams, prepare plans, visions and start new struggles...

All of them these people they defend the park together through rotated citizens-self organized protection timeline, hard personal work, concerts, exhibitions, meetings, fights with the police and open public assemblies...We will never surrender...We will never allow to the governement to destroy this park....
The park exists already 1 year