Sep 23, 2009

Gathering of the tribes
International trance and dance festival
Footage from
March 22nd - 24th, 2008, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Assimilation / VJ Part 1

Recognition/ VJ Part 2

Reluctance/VJ Part 3

It was a great adventure.... Four of us traveled in Frankfurt as participation of Void Network and Global Eye (London Void Network) to the Gathering of the Tribes festival. The weather was very cold, snow was falling almost all weekend but we was full of enthusiasm cause we met each other "on stage" again, continue traveling after Hamburg, continue the dream of revolutionary nomadic life.

Global Eye and Void Optical Art Laboratory was playing Void Art show in the main stage giving to everybody the opportunity to share some great visuals, some inspirational visions, some influential thoughts...

...We played all weekend in many different stages projections and music and this was great for us cause we experimented with the possibility of our collective playing in many different stages at the same time in a big international festival.